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All reviews in one place

One dashboard for all your reviews. We keep an eye on every major review website.

Understand your customers

Get automatically an advanced analysis of what people say about your business.

Catch every comment

With customizable email notifications. Set alerts and daily, weekly or monthly notifications to be the first to know your customers' reaction.

Super easy to use

It is simple and fast to get started. In a few-clicks you have all your reviews analyzed in a single platform/dashboard.

Start managing your online reviews
and save time

Mutiples sources

Combine reviews from Tripadvisor, Yelp, The Fork, Google, Facebook and more!

Multiple location monitoring

Track performance of all the locations. Wheter you have 10 locations or 1,000 locations, we make it easy to manage your online reviews.


Work with your colleagues

With CloudReputation everyone can work together. Share reports by email with your colleagues or give them access to the platform.

Export your reports

Print the analysis, export to PDF or get all your data in CSV or Excel format.

Get Context and Information from all your pictures

Auto-classification of your pictures

With our Deep Learning-based image recognition service you will gain a high-level understanding of the most popular topics and sentiment of the images taken by your customers. We can detect objects, scenes, and faces in images. Visual search and discovery feature help process big amount of images and classify them to empower your analysis.


AI-powered review management

Compare performance of multiple locations

Whether you have one or more establishments, Cloudreputation allows you to add as many as you need ... including those of your competition! Ideal for positioning and improving your strategy.

Sort by source, language, sentiment or date

Save time! In one click, sort by source and by sentiment to manage your opinions faster. Drill down to see the detailed analysis of each review.


All your reviews at a glance

Find your bad reviews easily

It is easy to accumulate all bad reviews to analyze them in one view.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

The analysis by "Quality / service / price" will allow you to identify your areas of improvement to help you offer a better experience to your customers


View opinion trends on your business

Measure your performance ... and your competitors

You can monitor as many establishments (including competitors) as you want and follow the evolution of their ratings.


Unlimited Presentation-Ready Reports

Ready to present analytics

Customize reports with your own logo—a great tool for agencies managing multiple client accounts. Export presentation-ready PDF reports, CSV and Excel files..


What our clients say

"CloudReputation offers a simple and effective solution for all-in-one online review management. I save hours every week thanks to this product."
Sandra Soler
Restaurant in Mallorca
"With so many avenues where customers can provide their opinion, CloudReputation brings it all together. It allows us to effectively manage our online reputation."
Nicolas Genard
Restaurant in Nice
"I’ve tried a handful of services and I like this one a lot. I really think you have the best review monitoring platform in the market."
Andrew Williams
Hotel in Paris

Start your free 14-days trial

No credit card required at this step, we will remind you when the trial is over. You will be able to choose from the following plan options:

  • Single location
  • Ideal for single hotels/restaurants that want to track all the reviews in one platform.
  • 40 Euros month
  • Single location
  • All your reviews in one dashboard
  • Daily scanning of new reviews
  • Sentiment analysis and pictures classification
  • Email notifications of new reviews
  • Start free trial
  • Multi-locations
  • Ideal for tracking multiple locations wheter you have 10 locations or 1,000 locations
  • 40 Euros month
  • Everything from the single location plan plus:
  • Unlimited locations
  • Create user groups
  • Create groups of locations
  • -
  • Start free trial
  • Partners & Resellers
  • Do you want to use our solution with your clients? We are looking for partners!
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  • Everything from the multi-location plan plus:
  • White label
  • View all your clients in one dashboard
  • Reseller promotional materials
  • -
  • Contact us

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